Posting Christmas prezzies – better to send than receive

That statement is deeply ironic‚ given that letters and parcels being sent to South Africans from overseas are currently being delayed by up to six months‚ including study material‚ gifts‚ credit cards from foreign banks‚ goods bought from retail sites based overseas and subscription magazines.

The Post Office admitted recently that there was a “substantial” backlog at its international sorting centre in Joburg‚ a result of a massive spike in volume – four times more items coming in from other countries than a year ago – and inadequate sorting equipment.

And the workers’ strike of July dramatically worsened the situation.

“We have now moved all international items that do not need to be assessed for contents or import tax to other sorting centres where the volumes are not so high‚ such as Witspos‚ Tshwane Mail and Cape Mail‚” the Post Office said.

While the backlog has now been shifted from the international mail centre to regional sorting centres‚ they were making good progress‚ the Post Office said.

“We are therefore confident that our customers will soon see an improvement in the delivery of items from other countries.”

But for Donna le Roux of Cape Town‚ it’s too little‚ too late. “A registered parcel of study material posted to me from Jersey Island took two days to get from Jersey to the Joburg sorting depot‚ where it vanished into an apparent black hole‚” she said.

“I have yet to receive it more than four months later.

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