Ghanaian book writer calls on institutions to support literary and art festivals

A Ghanaian artist and book writer Boakyewaa Glover has urged schools, the government and other institutions in the country to help improve on the literary and art projects in Ghana.

She explained that it is necessary parents especially support their children who desire to take up careers in art and also encourage their children to read more by either allowing them to visit the library or get them basic novels.

She added that companies, on the other hand, can, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), focus on undertaking reading projects or sponsoring arts and reading festivals just as they sponsor huge concerts and product or service launch in the country.

She has also advocated for schools to include library times on their school timetables as compulsory periods just as is done for physical education.

She added that as a writer, you just do not read books but magazines, articles and anything you come across to be kept abreast with information happening around you.

These habits, she said make one a great writer who is creative, credible, current and a relevant writer who can connect with the people.

She noted with concern that Ghana as a country does not have nor give that enabling environment to support good reading habits of the people but urged schools, organizations and parents to create the avenues.

Going forward, Boakyewaa said she believes, the Art s and the country’s development are connected because one thing the Arts do for us is to open minds.

“The only way we can get our minds to broaden and to think of how we can get entrepreneurs is through consuming the arts either by reading or writing,” she noted.

Prior to becoming the prolific writer she is now, Boakyewaa was a presenter at tv3 network and Metro TV respectively.



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