Feminists should gift cars, houses to their spouse but not control them – Leila Djansi

Film producer and director, Leila Djansi have shared her thoughts on what she thinks feminism is about.

In a Facebook post, she discussed the roles and responsibilities expected of women in relationships.

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Her full post read:

“This is also what feminism is about. ‘Creating’ women who support themselves and if in a -relationship, their partners through hard times and sharing equally in making the home.
Women who do not leave financial burdens on their spouses.
This is what feminism teaches! Women who do not rely on the purse of their spouse or boyfriend.
A woman can pay for meal on a date. 
A woman can gift her partner a car, a house.
Whoever earns more should shoulder the bigger financial responsibility. And doing that should not come with control. This is a relationship. Not a dancer and a tune caller.”

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