Ban alcohol adverts in sporting activities – GhanAPA

Accra, Oct. 4, GNA – The Ghana Alcohol Policy
Alliance (GhanAPA), a non-governmental organisation has called on government to
take concrete steps to ban alcohol advertisement in sporting activities in the

It said by so doing, the government would be
saving children and future generations from the harmful effect of alcohol
intake while showing commitment to the achievement of the Sustainable
Development Goal 3.5.

The call was made in a statement signed by Mr
Benjamin Anabila, the Chairman of the GhanAPA and copied to the Ghana News
Agency on Thursday, to mark the “NO Alcohol Day 2018”, on the theme: “Ban
Alcohol Advertising in Sport.”

The members of the Southern African Alcohol
Policy Alliance (SAAPA), East African Alcohol Policy Alliance (EAAPA) and the
West African Alcohol Policy Alliance (WAAPA) and their partners commenced the
commemoration of the Day on October 3.

The statement said alcohol was one of the most
heavily promoted products in the world and contributed to normalisation of its
use, which reinforced the current harmful drinking culture among the youth.

It said alcohol advertisement through sport
communicated strong message, which makes children associate sport to alcohol
and had had an impact on players and spectators, especially young people, who
take to drinking to the detriment of their health.

“The GhanAPA, will like to state that alcohol
and sports have no relationship whatsoever, and that, advertisement of alcohol
in sport should be banned in Ghana,” the statement said.

It said the Ferreira-Borges records showed
that in 2012, alcohol was responsible for 6.4 per cent of all deaths and 4.7
per cent of all disability-adjusted life years in the African Region, and that,
its social and economic costs to the community was insurmountable.

“Alcohol is responsible for 3.3 million deaths
annually worldwide, and is a causal factor in more than 200 diseases and injury
conditions, according to World Health Organisation 2014 Report,” the statement

It said according to Gore, Bloem et al Report,
globally, the level of harm attributable to alcohol use compare to that of
tobacco, it affected young people in particular, leading to death and
disability for males between the ages of 15 and 24 and that 6.2 per cent of all
male deaths worldwide were attributable to alcohol, compared to 1.1 per cent of
female deaths.

The statement said alcohol consumption
hindered efforts to development through increased health care cost and
decreased productivity whilst worsening health inequalities and exacerbates
poverty, as the poorest people divert spending to alcohol from essentials such
as food, education and health care.

It said the implementation on the ban on
alcohol advertising was recognized as a far reaching recommendation in
protecting children and future generation’s exposure to alcohol.

“There is no reason not to act now to protect
children and future generations against aggressive alcohol advertising in
sports in Ghana. The Ghana Alcohol Policy Alliance strongly urges the
government to take the necessary action to achieve the Sustainable Development
Goal 3.5 and the Global (Non-communicable diseases) NCDs Voluntary target on
alcohol by banning alcohol advertising in sport.

“The GhanAPA is ready and willing to offer
support to the government to benefit fully from the implementation of the
‘Global Strategy to reduce harmful use of alcohol’ and the ‘Regional strategy
to reduce harmful use of alcohol in the Africa Region’ to save lives.”


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