‘It’s hurtful and painful’‚ says husband of woman who was shot dead in Westbury

Unrest has been simmering in the area since last week after Heather Peterson was killed in a shootout between three men. A 10-year-old girl was also wounded.

Residents vowed to shut down the area to mourn her death and called on government to deploy the army to clean up the drug-ridden area.

Scores of people have been injured in the ongoing violence.

Police fired rubber bullets at the protesting crowds‚ who have over the last few days littered the streets with burning tyres and debris.

Peterson told Cele that three investigating officers only came to his house on Tuesday morning to brief him on the case.

“Don’t let another family go through what we’re going through. To live in fear and to go through things like this is not right. It’s hurtful and painful‚” Peterson said.

“My daughter is four years old and has to go through life without her mother. I do not wish that on anyone‚” said an emotional Peterson.

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