Courtroom cheers as alleged Dros rapist sent back to prison

According to Netwerk24‚ one reason why the accused is not applying for bail is because he was living with his grandmother‚ who has cut ties with him. She is reportedly not willing to provide her home address for his bail application.

Legal Aid attorney Riaan du Plessis‚ representing the 20-year-old‚ said that if the state wanted to obtain the man’s cellphone‚ they must apply to do so.

“It is the accused’s private property and he has the right against self-incrimination and providing [the] cellphone‚ and just making an order without a proper application from the state does not mean it should be granted. It is my submission that it will lead to an unfair trial‚ because the accused has the right against self-incrimination‚” Du Plessis said.

“It is my instruction from the accused that he does not want to help the state regarding these issues at this stage.”


Elaborating on the accused’s injuries‚ Du Plessis claimed that police officers at the Silverton police station had instructed the accused to do push-ups‚ before kicking him.

“There are other instances of assault‚ which the accused also reported‚ that is that he was hit with open hands and with belts.”

Du Plessis said the accused had sustained some injuries when customers at the Dros had hit him on the head with a broken beer bottle after he was caught. His injuries included a cut to his right ear‚ resulting in four stitches‚ two cuts to his forehead of about 15cm each‚ and a bloodshot left eye.

Huisgenoot reportedly spoke to a family member of the victim‚ who said the little girl was doing “well”.

“She is still a child and she is getting all the support that she needs. She has doctors and paramedics that looked after her and are still taking care of her‚” the family member was quoted as saying.

Children carrying placards reading “No bail for rape and murder” and “Don’t hurt us” joined scores of people at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court.

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