Victims of Bob Hewitt to oppose his application for parole

The victims of convicted rapist Bob Hewitt will oppose the former tennis star’s application for parole‚ their lawyer said on Monday.

Speaking on behalf of the victims Peter van Niekerk‚ who will also represent the Teddy Bear Foundation and Woman and Men against Child Abuse in the matter‚ said the idea that Hewitt might be given parole was horrendous.

He said the victims had received notice – some time last week – that Hewitt‚ 78‚ had applied for parole.

His clients‚ he said‚ had in turn approached him to represent them.

On Monday Van Niekerk said: “It goes without saying that he was convicted of horrendous crimes. He raped two 12-year-olds. What made it worse was that he was in a position of power and trust.

“He has served a minute part of his sentence. Given the terrible rapes of children in this country it would be horrendous that a rapist of children could possibly get out [of jail] prematurely.”

Hewitt‚ once a major name on the international professional tennis circuit‚ was convicted in March 2015 of raping two teenage tennis pupils and sexually assaulting a third in the 1980s and 1990s.

He was sentenced to six years.

He however was only jailed in September 2016 after his unsuccessful Constitutional Court appeal.


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