Nigerian migrants rescued after Libya cell video goes viral

“If not for that video we wouldn’t have been able to come back to Nigeria, I believe that,” Efe Onyeka, a 25-year-old Nigerian who shot the video, told AFP.

Onyeka was arrested trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe where he had dreams of becoming a footballer.

Shooting the video put his life in danger. Another Nigerian who helped film was almost beaten to death by guards, said Onyeka.

“They beat all of us,” Onyeka said, speaking from Nigeria’s Delta state. “They used pipes and sticks, they would not give us food.”

“We were underfed, the water, it was from the latrine,” Onyeka said.

In the end, Onyeka spent over four months in detention.

“I’m traumatised. I have nightmares about Libya, about the prison,” he said. “The journey is not worth it.”

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