NDC unveils high powered Council of Elders in the Western Region

Politics of Friday, 28 September 2018

Source: Daniel Kaku


The 15 member council would guide the conduct of the executive body

The opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) in Western Region has unveiled a high powered Council of Elders to spearhead affairs of the party.

The 15 member council, would guide the conduct of the executive body of the party in the Western Region for four years.

Before the inauguration of the council, the Western Regional Secretary Joseph Nelson, in his introductory remarks, explained the constitutionally mandated requirement of all members of the council of elders.

He said “Article 24 clause 4 of the constitution requires the establishment of the council of elders with the number not exceeding 15”.

“The importance of the meeting today is therefore to inaugurate the new council of elders to serve alongside the Regional Executive”, he stressed.

He explained that after the regional elections, the leadership decided to reconstitute the new council to join the working team to shoulder the responsibility placed on the shoulders of the Regional Executives.

He acknowledged the role of women in helping the party, whilst indicating that not less than 3 women had been added to the team as stipulated by the constitution of the party.

The new council, led by Nana Adu Gyamfi, a business mogul, would replace the previous one whose mandate expired just recently.

The 15 member council would shepherd the re-organisation of the party and guide the conduct of Regional and Constituency Executives of the party.

Addressing the council, an elated Nana Kojo Toku, Western Regional Chairman of NDC, explained the core mandate of the council of elders.

He said the council of elders form an integral part of the hierarchy in the party and performs strategic functions as required by leadership and all stakeholders in the party.

He, therefore, asked for wisdom and understanding from the elders to guide the performance of his administration.

He emphasized that the role of the council would contribute immensely to new strategies being developed to help the party come to power.

He said following the election of all executives of the party in the region, leadership thought it wise to complete the setup with the inauguration of the council of elders.

“They will play a significant role in shaping the conduct of executives of the party. They will also share their rich experiences with the party to improve activities in terms of organization ahead of 2020 elections”

Nana Adu Gyamfi who was retained as chairman of council of elders, expressed satisfaction about the outcome of the meeting.

He would be supported by Mr. David Duncan as Secretary and Yussif Gyamson, as an Assistant Secretary.

In an acceptance remarks, the chairman confirmed that members of the new council of elders have all pledged to rally behind him to shoulder the herculean task placed on them ahead of 2020 elections.

“As a team, we would work together to create avenue for the return of NDC to power”, he submitted.

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