Foundation supports inmates of Gambaga Witches Camp

Kwamina Tandoh, GNA

Accra, Sept. 27, GNA – Ms Lydia Alhassan, a
Philanthropist and founder of Concern Life Foundation, as part of her project
dubbed “Hunger Noe be Joke”, has supported inmates of the Gambaga
Witches Camp in the Northern Region.

The inmates were trained in livelihood skills,
medically screened and presented food and clothing.

Ms Alhassan speaking in an interview with the
Ghana News Agency said the project seeks to support abused women and children
to help reintegrate them into society.

“It is about time we stopped the
discrimination against women, especially the elderly ones and rather show them
love during their old age. They need our care, support and love more than ever
at this stage of their lives.

“It is my belief that everybody especially
the less privileged women in society have the right to live a normal life and
also be given the opportunity to become responsible in society just like any
other person”, she said.

Ms Alhassan said she found it difficult to
understand why women at their old age would be accused of witchcraft,
neglected, excluded from their communities and thrown into a secluded camp.

“Have we ever, as Ghanaians sat down to think
about the trauma they go through whiles in the camp? Have we considered their welfare
and human rights, the right to live a dignified life? If we did, the world
would be a better place for all, irrespective of our social standing”, she

She again questioned why it was only
grandmothers who were often accused of witchcraft and not grandfathers, saying,
“These are all old superstitions created to keep women down”.

Ms Alhassan has pledged that her foundation,
Concern Life Foundation, with commitment, will continue to support and empower
women and the children at the Camp, irrespective of where they found

She urged people not to blame their
grandmothers if they had not been successful in life.

“Blame yourself. Your lack of success or
inability to gain something in life is not the making of any old lady or
witchcraft. Look into yourself and continue praying to God”, she advised.

She urged families who have banished their
mothers, grandmothers to rethink and reunite with them and possibly reintegrate
them into their family.

“I am looking forward to the day when society
will stop accusing old women of witchcraft and those who have already been
accused and sent to these camps been reintegrated, I will be the happiest
person in the world Ms Alhassan said.

She urged government through the Ministry of
Gender and Social Protection to provide LEAP support for residents of the camp.

Ms Alhassan said school children within the
camp will also be looked into by the organization where they will supported in
their education, in collaboration with the ‘Presby Go Home Project’ that
operate within the Camp as well as Supportive Hands Foundation to ensure its


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