Workshop on improving East Atlantic fisheries opens in Abidjan

Abidjan, Sept 26 (AIP)
– An action plan workshop for implementation of the East Atlantic Fisheries
Improvement Project to promote industrial development of fishery products has
opened in Abidjan.

Executive Secretary of
the Committee for the Administration of Fishery Products (CARF), Pr Datté
Jacques, said the goal was to identify actions to be undertaken for the
implementation and monitoring of the project.

It also provided the
forum to discuss and carry out evaluation of tropical tuna stocks.

About 50 people from
public administration, research centre, universities and organizations involved
in the sustainable management of fisheries resources are taking part in the
two-day meeting.

Opening it on behalf
of the Minister of Animal and Fisheries Resources, Inspector General Diawara
Sirima, said the tuna industry had a surplus trade balance resulting from the
export of high value-added products.

It provided more than
3,700 direct jobs in 2017, with a high proportion of women, and nearly 40,000
indirect jobs.

The fishing terminal
of the autonomous port of Abidjan has been playing a central role in tuna
fishing in West Africa, with an annual export of more than 270,000 tonnes of

Diawara, however, said
despite the efforts made by the State, the tuna industry still faced difficulties
– acquisition of the raw material and especially marketing of finished

It was to tackle these
challenges that Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana as well as the main operators of the
sector signed on June 22, 2017, in Accra, a Memorandum of Understanding for the
implementation of a project to improve fisheries for purse seine tuna in the
eastern central Atlantic.

“We know how to
count on your proven professional qualities and your sense of duty to propose
solutions that can facilitate the implementation of this project to improve
East Atlantic fisheries”, Inspector General of the Ministère des Ressources
animal and fish, added.


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