President rallies world community support for stronger UN

New York, Sept. 26, GNA – President Nana Addo
Dankwa Akufo-Addo has called on the international community, particularly
leading actors in world affairs, to support strongly the agenda to reform and
strengthen the United Nations to make it more efficient in addressing
contemporary global challenges.

“It is a different world we currently live in,
and we should accept that this organization (UN) must change to suit
contemporary needs,” he said, when addressing the 73rd Session of the UN
General Assembly (UNGA) in New York on Wednesday.

The 73rd UNGA is being held under the theme:
“Making the United Nations Relevant to All People: Global Leadership and Shared
Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable and Sustainable Societies.”

President Akufo-Addo noted that, the world
continued to be faced with the stark reality that resolutions, norms and any
number of votes in the Security Council and General Assembly “mean nothing
without the political will to enforce them.”

 “We are
still to come to terms with what the role of our organization should be. Should
it just be a club of nation states that exists to look after their own

The President asked, “What of its constitution
by “we the peoples”, as declared in its founding document? Does the theme we
have chosen for this assembly have any relevance in real life, and do we want
to make the United Nations relevant to all people?

“Do we want an organization that ensures
shared responsibilities for peaceful, equitable and sustainable societies? Or
should it remain the place to pass resolutions that are ignored with impunity?
he quizzed.

Emphatic that current global challenges, like
the trade war being stoked between the two largest economies of the world,
affected mostly countries, who had no say, the President said such events were
proof that the world was interdependent, and the UN “provides the best vehicle
for all nations to address their aspirations and challenges.”

He said Ghana, and for the matter, Africa, are
determined to pull out of poverty into prosperity and “We do not think that a
nation needs to remain poor or become poor for others to become prosperous.”

“We believe that there is room, and there are
enough resources on this planet for us all to be prosperous. But it does mean
that the rules and regulations that we fashion to guide our dealings with each
other have to be respected by all of us. From the environment to trading rules,
we have to accept that there cannot be different set of rules for different

He continued, “It is important to reiterate
that advocating for a world order in which all countries sign up to obey the
rules does not mean that we want uniformity. We take pride in what
distinguishes us as Africans and as Ghanaians.

“It is in everybody’s interest that we, who
are counted amongst the poor of the world, make a rapid transformation from
poverty to prosperity. We are determined in Ghana, and, increasingly, in more
and more parts of Africa, to chart our own paths to prosperity, and pay our own
way in the world.

“We are no longer interested in being a burden
on others. We will shoulder our own responsibilities and build societies and
nations that will be attractive to our youth. We have the necessary sense of
enterprise, creativity, innovation and hard work to engineer this transition.
Hence, our vision of a Ghana Beyond Aid, indeed, of an Africa Beyond Aid.”

Thus the President noted, “It is important
that the United Nations is reformed to be able to preside over this changed and
changing world to which we all aspire. The powerful nations must be willing to
adapt to the changes to make our world a better place… After all, we all
inhabit the same planet, and we all owe the same duty of care to ensure its


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