ANC in KZN worried as EFF chalks up SRC wins

So says ANC provincial secretary Mdumiseni Ntuli‚ who made it clear during a media briefing in Durban on Wednesday that the party was worried about the EFFSC’s increasing dominance in student politics.

“It does concern us. It concerns us because it has the potential to create an impression in society that young people and students in particular do not want to associate with those in close proximity to the ANC‚” said Ntuli.

The ANC is concerned because student politics in SA was largely dominated by its ally Sasco. However it now appears to be losing its momentum and appeal among students.

In KwaZulu-Natal‚ Sasco is now only leading the SRC at the University of Zululand. SRC elections are currently under way at the University of KwaZulu-Natal where the EEFSC is also squaring up against Sasco.

Said Ntuli: “We need to understand that Sasco is not an entity of the ANC but an organisation of the ANC. It’s part of what we call a mass democratic movement but its orientation‚ its ideas about SA now‚ the future and the past are largely drawn from the national liberation movement led by the ANC.

“So when there is what appears to be a rejection of Sasco in certain campuses it does worry us because the youth league is on campuses‚ Sasco is on campuses and we believe that part of their responsibility is to nurture young people in these campuses into the congress traditions for them to understand where we come from and where are we going.”

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