Retirement Age: Manasseh exposes IGP’s ‘fraud’ in Deputy IGP promotion

General News of Wednesday, 26 September 2018



Asante Apeatu, Inspector General of Police

COP Oppong Boanuh, with one week to retire from the Police Service as Director-General in charge of Administration has been appointed Deputy Inspector General of Police, a move respected journalist with Multimedia Group, Manasseh Azure Awuni is questioning; implying that it is a deliberate scheme to perpetrate “fraud” on the retirement law. The motive of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in appointing same man as Deputy IGP, the anti-corruption journalist has said is very questionable.

To quote Manasseh: “Let the police service obey the law on public service retirement age. It is not compulsory for one to be an IGP before one retires. If the lots fall on a candidate, it should happen naturally.”

Manasseh revealed that the recent appointment of a Deputy Inspector General of Police is a move to perpetrate a police “retirement fraud” on the people of Ghana by the IGP and his crony, who is now comfortably Deputy IGP, has learnt.

Yesterday it was reported that the current Director General of Administration, Commissioner of Police (COP), Oppong Boanuh has been appointed as the new Deputy IGP.

The Deputy IGP position is, indeed, a part of the Police Service Regulations under C.I. 76, but has been vacant for many years, as checks revealed.

Since the last Deputy IGP, Mohammed Alhassan was promoted as IGP, the Deputy IGP position has continued to remain vacant until now.

But Manasseh Azure Awuni is averring that the new Deputy IGP has only one week to retire as he was born on October 8, 1958 and will be 60 next week.

He was supposed to go home three months prior to his retirement which would have started in July 2018, but he refused.

In the words of Manasseh Azure: “IGP David Asante Apeatu, I’m informed that the man you’ve just appointed as the Deputy IGP in the latest of your numerous and needless reshuffles has one week to go on retirement. In fact, he should have taken his three-month leave prior to retirement as far back in July. I’m told he turns 60 years on October 8,2018.”

“With this move, it appears when your contract expires, you want another “expired” cop to be the IGP. That has become the trend for some time now. I’m not against you or your appointee, but I think you should listen to the concerns of the Auditor-General, Daniel Yaw Domelevo. He says the civil and public service are replete with people who have reached the compulsory retirement age but have refused to leave so that fresh bloods will occupy their position.” Mr Azure pointed out.

“I don’t know the motivation for your latest move, but I am sure there are equally competent men and women in the Ghana Police Service who can take over when you leave. This move is embarrassing. I don’t know who advised you but you will do your reputation a lot of good if you allow the system to run without any manipulation. Senior police officers such as COP Rose Bio Atinga and others who reached their retirement age and left the scene quietly. Why should commissioners of the police be subjected to different standards?” He added.

“Such petty politics in the service have contributed to the sunken image of the Ghana Police Service. You have done your part. When your time is due, leave the stage honourably. Allow due process to prevail. Let the police service obey the law on public service retirement age. It is not compulsory for one to be an IGP before one retires. If the lots fall on a candidate, it should happen naturally.

Many police officers are marking time. Allow the system to run its natural course. Don’t kill the modicum of morale left. The police can learn from Ghana Armed Forces. Law enforcers must obey the law.

This is a plea from a concerned citizen who is worried about the police service.”.

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