Make security tighter‚ but don’t militarise parliament!

While MPs have raised concerns around security in Parliament‚ they have warned against militarisation of the institution in the process of boosting security.

Police and public works bosses appeared before MPs on Wednesday to discuss the security of the national legislature. The meeting was convened as an urgent matter – and held during the ongoing parliamentary recess – because of an incident two Fridays ago when a parliamentary official shot and killed himself in his office.

Parliament is a gun-free area and questions have been asked about how Lennox Garane managed to get a gun into the precinct.

The meeting heard that Garane did not place his bag through an X-ray scanning machine when he entered the building‚ which housed his office.

A police officer who was stationed at that entrance was served with a suspension notice the following day and is facing a disciplinary process. Police found that the officer contravened the static protection standard operating procedure by allowing Garane to gain access to the building without screening his bag.

The meeting on Wednesday heard that many access control mechanisms‚ metal detectors and X-ray machines for deliveries were not in working order despite the department of public works having a contract in place with a private company to maintain the machines.

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