Be content with royalties from GHAMRO – FlowKing Stone to musicians

For the past months, there has been grumbling among musicians that royalties paid to them by the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) are nothing to write home about.

However, award-winning rapper and songwriter, Kwaku Nsiah Boamah popularly known as Flowking Stone has asked his fellow artists to appreciate the little they are given.

According to him, Chairman of the organization, Rex Omar tries everything in his capacity to pay what is required.

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“Money we receive as royalties is not expensive but half a loaf is better than none. It can be better but for now, I appreciate their (GHAMRO) efforts.” Flow King Stone explained.

Flow King Stone advised his fellow artists not to be greedy and ask for more rather they should be content with the little they receive.

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“For now we receive about thousand Cedis for three months, it’s not okay but let’s appreciate it and work to get more.” the member of the defunct group Bradez reached out to his, fellow musicians.

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