Kingmakers to install Teshie chief in December

Kodjo Adams, GNA

Accra, Sept. 23, GNA –
Ex-W.O 1 Henry Nii Sowah Otinkra, Head of the Nii Klu Din We, has announced
that a new chief of Teshie would be enstooled in December, 2018.

He made the
announcement in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra and stated
that all the necessary arrangements are in place for the enstoolment after a
reconciliation meeting between the two gates on who becomes the Mankralo of

Ex-W.O Otinkra said
Tsitsi-tse Nii Okang Duamro Nmashie IV, known in private life as Benjamin Nii Nmai
Sam Sowah, was later outdoored as the new Mankralo of Teshie, which he
explained does not qualify to be a Mankralo of Teshie and this resulted in
confusion in the area.

The Head of the family
said Mr Benjamin Nii Nmai Sam Sowah announced at a family meeting that, he was
no more interested in the position of Mankralo and had thrown his support to
Jonathan Adjetey Adjei as the Mankralo of Teshie with the stool name Nii Okang
Duamro Nmashie III.

The last chief of
Teshie, Nii Ashitey Akonfran, passed away in 1985, and since then the town has
been without a Mankralo and a chief.

The vacuum created by
the absence of a chief, led to numerous disputes in the past.

He said as a result of
the altercations, the kingmakers of the three gates of Nii Klu Din We, Nii Adjei
Okon and Nii Okang Duamro and Principal elder of Nii Nmai confirmed Jonathan
Adjetey Adjei as the Mankralo of Teshie with the stool name Nii Okang Duamro
Nmashie III.

He said this was in a
letter signed by the Heads of the family of the three gates to the Registrar of
the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs in Dodowa dated October 10, 2016.

The kingmakers who
signed the letter include Ex W.O 1 Henry Nii Sowah Otinkra, Head of the family
of the Nii Klu Din We; Nii Adjetey Otinkorang I, Principal Elder of Nii Adjei
Okon; Nii Adjei Tinkum, Principal Elder of Nii Okang  Duamro; and Charles Nii Klu Adjei, Principal
Elder of Nii Nmai.

He said Nii Adjetey
Otinkorang I, the Dzasetse of Nuumo Nmashie Family of Krobo Teshie, performed
the cleansing rites on Nii Okang Duamro III to affirm him as the Mankralo of
Teshie, and was witnessed by the elders and youth of the community.

Nii Otinkorang I said
there was a case before the Regional House of Chief at Dodowa and a fact
finding committee has been established for arbitration.

He said the Committee
established that the position of Mankralo rotates among the three gates and
that Nii Klu Din We, one of the three gates has eight houses of the Krobo
Quarter namely Nii Okoh Gate, Nii Okang Gate, Nii Nmai Gate, Nii Ashia Gate and
Nii Botwe Gate.

The Committee
established that the stool is a patrilineal inheritance.

Nii Okang Duamro III,
who spoke to the Ghana News Agency on his vision for the community, promised to
unite the people of Teshie under one umbrella since peace and unity was
critical in utilizing the potential of human resource for infrastructural


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