Cosmos Dauda blasts Hearts of Oak management for playing friendly game with Kotoko

Sports News of Sunday, 23 September 2018



Cosmos Dauda0Former Hearts of Oak, striker Cosmos

Former Hearts of Oak striker Cosmos Dauda has slammed the club’s management for playing a friendly match against their arch-rivals Asante Kotoko.

According to the forward, the club’s management is using the players to enrich themselves.

“You assemble 11 Kotoko and Hearts players and people who came to watch the match couldn’t go back home and now awaits judgement from the court.”

“What is the cause? they gather 22 players 11 at Hearts, 11 Kotoko just to enrich themselves at the expense of the players who are trying to make better careers for themselves.”

“Yes they are just using us, that match played how much did the players get, the highest you will get is insults because Hearts lost.”

“Useless players, very lazy we need a coach, we need this we need that. You bring Jose Mourinho to Hearts of Oak give him 2 weeks they will sack him.”

“Players give to the system but the system doesn’t give back to the playing body. How can we continue like this, it pains me a lot.”

“They waste our time and use us to make money. How much did they get at the gate, at least the players should get money since they haven’t paid salaries to the players, these same big men won’t pay the salary of players.”

“Should I continue talking, I will say a lot of things.where and when did you hear Barcelona playing Real Madrid in a friendly, where do you hear such nonsense.”

“It was wrong ! You don’t play friendly matches against your arch rivals.”

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