Bagre Dam spillage claims 11 lives

Bagre 9The deaths are believed to have been caused by flooding

Eleven people including two children have been reported dead in and around Tamale in the Northern Region following the spillage of Bagre dam.

Several others are reported missing.

Adom News’ Shine Acquah who is with the NADMO team reported on Adom Midday News Friday said the bodies have since been handed over to the families for burial.

Reports say the deaths may have been caused by flooding and the crossing of overflown rivers in the communities affected by the spillage.

NADMO is in the region monitoring the situation and liaising with their national headquarters for relief items for the affected persons.

A humanitarian crisis is looming in a number of communities in northern Ghana, particularly areas along the White Volta and the Black Volta, following the spilling of excess water from the Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso.

Swathes of farmlands have already been consumed by flood waters and lives are under threat.

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