Video: Stonebwoy is an intelligent professor in music – Eastwood Anaba

Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has every reason to be on cloud nine now, after receiving a thumb of approval and commendation from one of Ghana’s most respected men of God.

The acclamation is coming from no other than Eastwood Anaba, founder of Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM).

During one of his sermons, the renowned man of God disclosed to his congregation that he listens to the “Top Skanka” hitmaker-.

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“I listen to Stonebwoy… I called my daughter… I said ‘get me the number of that boy, I want to call him’. ‘I want to call him and tell him he is a very intelligent man…” he praised the ‘Baafira’ hit singer.

Eastwood Anaba eulogised the Ashaiman-based musician, “I listen to the man and it was almost as if I was listening to a professor from a university at that young age.”

Obviously impressed by Stonebwoy’s talent, the man of God noted that “So I told my son there are intelligent people like this in Ghana, blessed people like this in Ghana…”

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Meanwhile, Stonebwoy, who was happy about the compliments poured on him by the renowned man of God, took to Instagram to express delight.

He said: “Good Morning World…This Touched My Spirit. I Can’t Explain How.
To Be Named Amongst The Intelligent By Rev. Eastwood Anaba 
Of @eastwoodanabaministries Is actually A Responsibility. An Obligation To Achieve.. A Task To Stay Put. #beyondreligions #impacttheworld #BlessHisImperialMajesty #BHIMnation”

Watch Eastwood Anaba’s video above.   


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