Limpopo ambulance workers accused of ferrying booze suspended

“An investigation is currently under way. I can, however, confirm that the two employees have been put under precautionary suspension,” said department of health spokesperson Neil Shikwambana.  

Shikwambana said the department did not take such incidents lightly and it was important for the investigation to be thoroughly conducted. 

“We cannot rely on only the video for evidence, many things need to be taken into consideration. Context, for example, is important,” he told TimesLIVE. 

Shikwambana said workers were prohibited from using state vehicles for personal use, but could “quickly grab lunch if not attending an emergency at the time”.

“You obviously cannot use the state vehicle when you’re carrying a patient, nor can you use the vehicle to purchase grocery or alcohol, even worse,” he added. 

The department said the investigation would be concluded in the next week or two. 

“If any wrongdoing is established after the investigation has been conducted, rest assured we will act decisively,” he said.

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