Vote for EFF at your own peril‚ warns ANC’s Godongwana

Moreover‚ said Godongwana‚ land redistribution had failed since 1994 because of corruption wherein the government was in some instances opting to buy far more expensive land while there was a cheaper price elsewhere.

“If you don’t want to vote for us‚ fine‚ you can vote for the EFF if you understand what they are saying [on the land issue]‚” said Godongwana.

“The difference between us and them is that they say they want to nationalise land which‚ in other words‚ means every piece of land including the farm that you own‚ when they take over‚ is not going to be yours.

You will lease it from government and the house that you own is not going to be yours‚ you will own the walls but not the land.

“That is not what the ANC is saying. We are saying we will expropriate land for public purpose and distribute it. That is the distinction.”

He said the ANC would not expropriate commercial farming land as government property. “We have seen the mistake of putting more land in government’s hands.”

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