State capture is meant to benefit a few elite‚ analyst tells Zondo Commission

The state capture phenomenon manifests itself in different countries and has a devastating impact on affected countries. It is also shaped in a way that is meant to benefit a few elite.

Testifying at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry on Wednesday‚ international economist and analyst Daniel Kaufmann detailed how some countries experienced state capture in the oil‚ mining and financial sector while in some it would be drug traffickers involved in illicit trade having substantial influence on government.

Despite differing in its manifestation‚ the consequences of state capture are all devastating for economies‚ said the Chilean academic.

Kaufmann said it didn’t matter what form and shape the capturing took‚ at the heart of it was to “shape the rules of the games for the benefit of the few elite”.

Among the arms of the state that were targets for capture were‚ among others‚ the president‚ cabinet‚ judiciary and councillors.

But Kaufmann said the relationships between the “captor” and the “captured” were complex and developed over time.

“It is not just a relationship between two parties. It is a complex web‚” he said.

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