President Akufo Addo commended by GHACHIFA General Secretary

Robert Anane

Accra, Sept. 19, GNA – President Nana Addo
Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has been commended for entering into agreements with China,
towards speeding up the socio-economic growth of the country.

“The government of Ghana is in the right
direction in terms of looking to China for partnering towards Ghana’s

Dr. Benjamin Anyagri, General Secretary of the
Ghana China Friendship Association (GHACHIFA), told the Ghana News Agency that
whilst Ghana had sought to achieve socio-economic progress from long known
partners such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), such
support had not been able to adequately cater for the developmental needs of
the country.

“The question is, when is Ghana getting
out of IMF support,” Dr. Anyagri noted.

The GHACHIFA General Secretary said “the
time has come for us to pause as a nation and take a close look at our past
sources of aid and what we have gained from them so far, in order to realize
the option of looking to other sources for the over-all good and progress of
the nation.”

He observed “for example” that the
structural adjustment programme introduced into the country by the IMF, led to
the divestiture implementation, which was meant to result in the privatisation
of state industries for more job creation, adding, “is that the case

Dr. Anyagri noted that the MOUs reached
between the two countries during a recent visit by President Akufo-Addo to
China, were geared towards the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative of China,
which is an international policy being pursued by China with that country’s
development partners.

He added, that OBOR consisted of growth
propelling principles, such as infrastructure connectivity, policy integration,
people to people relations, among others, adding that OBOR particularly worked
towards the accomplishment of the SDGs of the UN.

The General Secretary of GHACHIFA observed
that the 1992 constitution of Ghana enjoined respective governments of the
country to ensure the economic rights of the citizenry, which was typically
attainable through the actualisation of the MOUs Ghana signed with China.

Dr. Anyagri said OBOR was unique in the sense
that it offered a win-win engagement policy, with an interest based approach,
adding that, “once Chinese and Ghanaian interests meet, we will now have
to find experts to study the MOUs per implementation plan.”

He stressed, that these should be non-partisan
experts, who could and would ensure that Ghana is indeed being served well per
the agreements.

“If an agreement has to do for example
with exchanging a quantity of our natural resources for some investment or
other gain from China, we would need to know how much natural resource is going
out, and we should also be assured that it would tally with what Ghana would
gain in return,” Dr. Anyagri said.

The GHACHIFA General Secretary stressed that
it was very much needed, that all was done to ensure, that a win-win agenda was

With China recently becoming the world’s
second largest economy, fruitful interactions are taking place severally
between China and several other countries all over the world.

A key feature of this new development, is that
China has chosen Africa as one of its key allies for progressive partnering.

Ghana has so far benefited greatly from
collaborating with China in several areas such as education, agriculture,
defence, hydro-electric power generation, agriculture, construction and a
number of others.


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