Thieves steal old hospital ‘brick by brick’

Confidential patient files‚ hospital gowns and medical waste have been found scattered around the old De Aar Hospital as thieves dismantle the facility “brick by brick” in the Northern Cape.

The hospital‚ which was replaced with a new facility‚ was found in a “terrible state” during an oversight visit last week by councillors and a representative of the ratepayers’ association.

“It looks as if staff hurriedly vacated the old premises‚” said Isak Fritz‚ DA Northern Cape spokesperson on health.

“We discovered confidential patient files and x-rays scattered across the floors. Hundreds‚ if not thousands of packets of condoms‚ as well as medical supplies‚ hospital gowns and even medical waste‚ in the form of disused syringes‚ finger prick needles and drip bags‚ can be found abandoned in the old facility.

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