Sri Lankan president tells diplomats to pick up phone or pack up

Sirisena did not say why he needed to contact the embassy urgently, or why other avenues were not explored to reach the staffers.

The Sri Lankan embassy in Austria is accredited to UN bodies in Vienna, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

It was the second time in days that Sirisena has raised eyebrows. Last week he flew into a rage over nuts served aboard SriLankan Airlines, the island’s national carrier, saying they were unfit for animals.

“Returning from Kathmandu, I was served some cashews on board a SriLankan flight, but it was so bad even a dog wouldn’t eat it,” he said.

An airline spokesman said it had cleared its stock of cashews – only served in business class – and would change its Dubai-based supplier.

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