Who are the fittest South Africans? Vitality makes the discovery

In a drastic move to combat obesity‚ the chronic burden of disease – and bad driving habits – South Africans are being offered a chance to change their lifestyles.

The Vitality model‚ which rewards members with healthy smoothies‚ coffee‚ cash back and savings on insurance for meeting goals around getting fit and driving well‚ has proven so successful that it has been copied in international markets such as the UK and Japan.

Proven to get people eating healthier‚ and up to 30% more active‚ Head of Vitality Wellness Craig Nossel said the lifestyle offering will now be available to any South African who can afford to sign up in the next 10 weeks.

Until now‚ Vitality has only been accessible to Discovery Health medical aid members‚ creating a bit of smoothie envy among middle-class South Africans on other medical aids.

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