We are going to share the land among black and white: Malema

“The EFF said to our people — the most practical way to get the land is to occupy the unoccupied land to put pressure on the state, and it has worked,” Malema said.

“Now the state and the owners of the land are beginning to say ‘maybe we should do something'”.

Unemployment nationwide is about 28%, with youth unemployment topping 50% in some areas.

Malema, 37, is renowned for his fiery speeches and attacks on whites as he builds a growing support base among South Africa’s poor.

But his party’s flagship stance of demanding radical land reform has been overshadowed by Ramaphosa’s recent announcement that the constitution would be changed to explicitly allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

Sharing the land? 

The government’s policy spooked foreign investors — and threatened to steal the EFF’s thunder.

“Cyril says this today and says something else tomorrow, depending on where he is speaking,” Malema said, describing Ramaphosa’s new land redistribution policy as “fake”.

“We say the same thing all the time, and they keep on changing.

“The EFF is the only relevant party in South Africa today — we are the most influential political party through ideas.”

According to Ramaphosa, whites make up eight percent of the South African population and possess 72% of farms, while blacks are 80% of the population but have only four percent of farms.

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