Zulu king’s pet project to come under scrutiny

“The committee recommended that the department could utilise the budget that it attached towards finishing some work and spend no amount further‚” said Tom.

“The portfolio committee recommended that law enforcement agencies must look into the matter and use the forensic report as a basis from which an extensive investigation must begin. This would include efforts to recover undue money paid to contractors.”

The committee has also recommended that internal disciplinary measures be instituted by the department against officials found to be in the wrong.

“The principled stance taken by the committee was that it is inconceivable that the department would spend more money on the project‚ especially in the context that it was not budgeted for to start with and there are no clear mandates that compel the department to implement the project‚” said Tom.

The committee has recommended that the department approach the provincial department of arts and culture and private businesses to solicit partnerships aimed at completion of some of the work.

“This is because money has been spent already‚ thus leaving the project as is‚ is tantamount to wasteful expenditure. Private-public partnerships will be central if the project is to be completed‚” said the committee.

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