SA needs ‘jobs and more jobs’‚ Ramaphosa says at Jewish New Year celebrations

South Africa needs “jobs‚ jobs and more jobs”.

That is what president Cyril Ramaphosa said on Wednesday in Cape Town. He addressed the Gardens Synagogue as they celebrated the Jewish New Year‚ Rosh Hashanah.

Ramaphosa said government wanted to attract $100-billion in domestic and foreign investment over the next five years.

“Part of this journey is the cultivation of a new generation of entrepreneurial South Africans who establish businesses for themselves and employment for others. The Jewish community is ideally placed to contribute to this effort.”

He called the state capture commission the “spearhead” of various interventions to fight corruption and “help us understand the depth of criminality that has impoverished our society and economy”.

“We must pledge as a nation that we will never allow our ethical and economic fibre to be undermined on this scale again‚ or on any scale for that matter.”

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