Man, 60, beaten mercilessly for refusing ‘Kpekple’ sprinkling in his home


    Beating Man6Joseph Bortey Botei beaten for refusing to Kpekple Sprinkling

    A 60 year old man has been subjected to severe beatings by traditional authorities for attempting to resist the sprinkling of Kpekple in his home at Kpong Katamanso , in the Gretaer Accra region.

    The victim, Joseph Bortey Botei says for the last two years he’s always clashed with the traditionalists in such exercise as his faith does not support it.

    “For the past two years I have refused them access to my house to sprinkle the Kpekple because it is against my Christian faith and when they came again on Tuesday I refused,” he told sister website

    “This angered the pettish priestess who began to beat me, the team she was leading also joined, inflicting me with bruises,” he added.

    No arrests made yet after reporting the incident to local Police in the area, Bortey said.

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