Betway presents GHC 636,592 to jackpot winner


    Betway presents GHC 636,592 to jackpot winner

    University student, Michael A. has been presented with a cheque of  a whopping GHS 636,592, after he won Betway’s Pick 15 Jackpot from just GHS 4.

    Michael correctly predicted 14 of 15 predetermined matchups. However, as one of the 15 matchups had to be abandoned, his entire selection was deemed to have been predicted correctly.

    Amazingly, that was not the only major win the Amasaman resident scored this weekend. Michael happened to have also placed a second Pick 15 Jackpot bet. Unlike his first bet, he opted to take an early settlement walking away with GHS 136.592.44 from a GHS 4 bet before the final game.

    After this stunning run of luck, he finished his weekend with GHS 636.592.45 in cash from just GHS 8 in bets.

    Betway offers Ghana’s largest jackpots with several exceeding GHS 2 million and the largest topping out at GHS 10 million. Micheal A. joins Kwame Fosuhene and Seth K. as Betway’s biggest Jackpot winners. Kwame Fosuhene, who won GHS 990,650 remains the largest Betway Jackpot winner to date.

    By: Betway Ghana

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