Man beats dogs in public do extort money from animal lovers


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Man beats dogs in public do extort money from animal lovers

By William Martin 3:32 AM July 30, 2018

The dog with the suspect (left) and after being rescue

A man is causing outrage over the way he is using defenseless animals to extort money from animal lovers.

In a graphic video that went viral, a shirtless man from Jilin, China, is seen using a stick to repeatedly hit and kick the animal that was tied to a pole.

The dog’s cries of pain attracted a crowd of concerned citizens who tried to stop the abuser.

The man refused to stop and said: “I could kill the dog, it’s hardly worth anything.”

One animal lover, who identified herself as Niu, said that this is part of a scheme to defraud animal lover.

Niu explained that this is the third time this man hit a stray dog and claimed that he was going to kill it in order to get animal lovers like her to pay a large sum of money to buy the dog from him.

Niu fell for the scheme and she paid 3,500 yuan (over $500) for the abused dog.

She acknowledged that paying such a ransom will only encourage the evil man to continue abusing more dogs. However, she explained that she simply could not bear to see the dog suffering without doing anything to stop it.

The dog was checked by a veterinarian. Thankfully, it was not severely injured and is now being treated well by its new owner.

People are calling on police to arrest the suspect so that he should not be able to hurt animals.

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