The Smart Hack That Can Help You Get Your Phone Battery Sufficiently Charged In Five Minutes

Almost every phone user can relate to the problem of running out of battery while on the move or at one point or the other. The experience is usually an unpalatable one, since getting enough juice on your battery to carry you on can take quite sometime.

The Good news is there is a method that will only take you five minutes to top-up your smartphone’s battery and it will be entirely worth your time.

Either due to a lack of planning or a pretty old phone battery, your Phone is about to die—and you only have a few minutes before you need to hit the road.

You probably know that there is no point in plugging in because it will take some time before the phone battery fills up, right?

This is actually Wrong! As a matter of fact, that’s just one of the phone battery myths you really need to stop believing. The simple truth is that, that five-minute charge may be worth it. The only problem is, you may be doing it wrong.

However, making the most of a quick top-up is simpler than you think. First, select your phone’s Airplane Mode setting to cut down on notifications or GPS functions, which could drain the battery as it charges. You should also remove the cover you have on your device (if it has one) to let any extra heat out.

If you use an iPhone and have an iPad adapter, you can charge your phone faster with it, than the adapter that comes in its original package. The only thing you should ensure is to charge the phone the proper way.

And that’s it! With any luck, your battery will double its charge rate from about three to six percent in just five minutes. While that increase in battery percentage may seem small at first, you should remember that you are in a desperate situation and a little charge can go a long way.

A little bit of extra juice can sustain your phone until you find the time to let it fully charge.


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