Kim Kardashian was Paid $500K Just to Post Controversial Morning Sickness Pill Ads on Her IG

Kim Kardashian is out here raking in half a million dollars just from posting controversial ads on her Instagram.

According to Complex, the reality TV star recently posted an ad for a controversial pharma company that has been accused of hawking dangerous pregnancy medication.

From the business contract obtained by STAT, Kim reportedly raked in half a million dollars from Duchesnay USA, after she shared an Instagram post promoting the company’s morning sickness pill Diclegis. She had shared the ad in 2015 and that earned her a major backlash especially because the caption failed to disclose potential side effects or the fact that the pill was rebranded after it was previously pulled from the market for allegedly causing birth defects.

Kim deleted the initial sponsored post, and later replaced it with one that included detailed information.

However, despite all the controversy, STAT reports that Duchesnay saw a 21 percent increase in Diclegis sales just months after Kim promoted it. She continued to work with the company in 2017, posting multiple Instagram ads with explanatory captions.

See sample below.

Now, she has placed yet another ad for Bonjesta (she had shared it without explanatory caption, and when roasted, deleted and updated with new caption).

See below.

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