As humans, we are always on the move trying to express ourselves at every slight or broad opportunity. Every individual has either an in-born talent or acquired skills that allow him/her freely express their abilities. In today’s world, talents are appreciated; individuals obviously make a living from showcasing their talents and the world appreciates them. There are quite a large number of celebrities who are currently known within and outside their country because of their consistency and creativity in showcasing to the world their talent(s).

The truth is, when platforms are created that allows creative juice to be expressed, it’s easier for individuals to display their talents. Social media has made it extremely easy for even strangers to follow up or reach out to a creative individual who is doing extremely well. In Nigeria, video applications with a fixed time allocated to them have allowed people like Maraji, Lasisi Elenu, Boda Shaggi amongst others to express their talents which includes comedy as Nigerians are in love with comic skits.

I would like to think that every individual have different preferences. There are currently popular video applications used by individuals to express themselves and share to the world, but this doesn’t rule out the need for better video applications. Like the need to advance, Vskit; a known video application is a platform that allows people express themselves in various ways that they can. They are able to showcase their skills to the world on this platform as others within and outside Nigeria views these uploads. The application allows individuals record themselves for fifteen seconds and after this, they can share on their social media pages.

Vskit is a mind blowing platform, get on the ride and showcase your talents. It’s the No 1 entertainment platform in Nigeria.

The app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for now using the link

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