Five ‘obvious’ signs a guy likes you

Five ‘obvious’ signs a guy likes you

Are you missing the clues? It’s a tale as old as time. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl wonders “Does he like me?” Girl looks on the internet to find out.

Falling in love makes us want to be in a relationship, but does your crush like you enough to date you? What are the signs a guy likes you?

In a dating utopia, you wouldn’t have to scour the world wide web for articles that answer the question. Instead, the guys would simply tell you! But, in a realistic world, the signs aren’t always obvious and you must learn how to read between the love lines.

The good news is that it’s not rocket science. It’s actually quite easy to know whether someone likes you or not.

Here are 5 signs that he likes you (a lot comes down to common sense!):

1. He wants to see you more than twice a week

Men, like women, don’t want to spend time with, invest in, or hang around people they don’t enjoy. If a guy goes out of his way to see you, then you bet that he definitely likes you!

If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t take the time to connect with you — he’d spend his effort connecting with someone he does like.

2. He’s vulnerable

Vulnerability has an unfair reputation as being a “female thing” — women can show weakness, they can be sensitive, they can cry and sob at sad movies. Men must be tough, they must be strong, they must eat meat from a wild boar they killed with their bare hands.

But, when a man is vulnerable with you, that means he’s putting down his guard. He’s being real. And he’s trying to get you to know him and understand him on an intimate level.

Men aren’t into vulnerability (as a rule). But, if he does this for you, there’s a reason.

If he does, he sees a future with you and while this might not mean marriage, it does mean long-term relationship. He sees you two standing on solid ground.

Including someone in your life means investing in them. And men don’t invest in women they don’t like.

4. He integrates you into various parts of his life

Similar to inclusion, integration is also a sign that love is in the air. When a man integrates you into his life, it’s because he wants you to be part of his life. So, what does this integration look like?

It involves him mixing you and various parts of his being — he integrates you into his work life, he integrates you into his home life, and he asks you to be part of his hobbies.

If a man integrates you into a small portion of his life — he invites you into his house but not out with his friends — it means he’s not yet committed to you. If he does the opposite, however, and leaves no stone unturned in his attempt to spend time with you, it’s a sure bet that he’s smitten.

5. He includes you in his future vision

Perhaps the surest way to know a man likes you is when he makes you part of his future. No, this doesn’t need to involve a ring on your finger — simply including you in future plans does it.

If he includes you in plans a week into the future, a month into the future, or even six months into the future, that’s a good sign. If he asks your opinion on his future — whether he should take a promotion, buy a home that he’s interested in, or whether he should go back to school — that’s a good sign as well.

There you have it! The 5 signs that show when a man is into you. He can sidestep these signs and simply tell you, Dumb and Dumber-style, “I like you a lot.” But, if he doesn’t, you have the above signs to fall back on.

Source: Your Tango

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