Whether you are young or old, VW Polos are great cars. While meant for younger drivers, their comfort and power have attracted older fans and kept them hooked.

The SunWheels team compared the VW Polo Vivo Highline 1,6 and the Polo 1,0 TSI Comfortline by taking them for a spin and we were impressed by both!

We also understand how the range keeps catching people from both sides of the generation gap.

Both Polos give an amazing drive experience. They steer with incredible precision and changing gears is smooth with the pedals.

Both Polos moved from zero to 100km/h in 10,8 seconds, which wowed us and made the vehicles feel sporty.

The Vivo was tested in the city and it proved to be a good passenger car for day-to-day travel needs.

But we were lucky with the TSI because we had the chance to push it on the open road – and it did not disappoint! The TSI used 4,5 litres of fuel every 100km. We even wondered if the fuel gauge was broken because we could not see it move.

The colour of the car we drove also added a spark as more people turned to look at us in the silver-white TSI than they did in the more powerful Vivo in reflex silver.

Now listen, the SunWheels team could not find any notable differences between these two cars. They both do what they are supposed to do but people who have their own specific reasons for a car should find what they are looking for among this range. Book a test drive and find out for yourself.

The VW Polo Vivo costs around R214 900 and the TSI around R263 500.

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