Nine-member ‘Landing Site Committee’ inaugurated

Business News of Thursday, 14 June 2018

Source: Karematu Anas


Members of the Landing Site Committee taking their oath of office

The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MOFAD) have inaugurated a nine-member committee on the Landing Site to assist management supervise the construction of landing sites in some selected coastal areas in the country.

The committee is tasked to review all designs of the landing sites, review the work of consultants on the landing site construction, advise the management on the objective, supervise the construction, bring on board any other issue that will help the landing sites and submit quarterly reports to the sector Minister.

The committee members constitute of the Ag. Chief Director of MOFAD Prof. Francis K. Nunoo, as the chairman of the committee, Michael Arthur-Dadzie (Director Fisheries Commission) E.M. Mensah, the chairman of the Fisheries Commission Board, Alfred Y. Tetebo, special advisor on (Marine), Thomas Insadoo, Heard of Project (FC), Capt. Inusah Abdul-Nasir (Ghana Maritime Authority, Mr. Collins Owusu Ansah (Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority), a representative of the Environmental Protection Agency and Enock Boadu Amo as the Secretary.

Deputy Minister of MOFAD, Francis Kingsley Ato Codjoe at the occasion during the week, said Government is keen to construct 14 landing sites in selected towns along the coast and at important fishing landing sites inland. According to him, the landing sites will have a fish market, cold storage facilities, repair facilities, Day Care Centres and Clinics etc. to enable the fishers access some basic first aid at the landing beaches and to also improve sanitation to meet international standards for export.

He noted the landing sites will also serve as useful entry points for participatory development planning in artisanal fisheries because they are geographically placed where the majority of stakeholders come together from crew to boat owners, from money-lenders to mechanics, from fish processors to consumers and from local sedentary to migratory fishers. Hence landing sites are thus effective and efficient starting point to improve the livelihoods of a large variety and number of people.

Mr. Codjoe said in 2017, the consultant who under took the designs of the landing sites in 2007 was contacted to review the designs to form the basis for soliciting for funds.

“It is worth noting that funds have been allocated under a Chinese facility for the construction of the James Town mini harbour,” he mentioned.

He indicated that the Ministry of Finance has given the approval for MOFAD to take the necessary steps to clear the site, provide access route and all the necessary steps to fulfil government side of the agreement with the Chinese.

The Deputy Minister in ending his speech, hopes the committee, will bring their diverse expertise to bear to ensure that the objective for instituting this important Committee is achieved.

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