Manufacturers ‘fight’ us over ingredients of their products – FDA

General News of Thursday, 14 June 2018



play videoIsabella Mansa Agra, Head of Food Division, FDA

Head of Food Division at the Food and Drugs Authority, Isabella Agra has said that, one of the challenges the Authority faces on a daily bases is getting manufacturers to disclose the content of their products when they come for registration.

According to her, manufacturers need to adhere to FDA’s standards of naming products to get their products registered.

“We tend to have problems with manufacturers who feel reluctant to declare the constituents of their product because it is unacceptable. Their only defense is to guide their trade secret but as a regulator we need to know the content of the product we are approving to go onto the market” she said.

“To avoid a situation of creating doubt and confusion in the consumers mind, we have acceptable names that manufacturers need to adhere to,” she added.

Madam Agra was speaking at a workshop in Accra on Thursday.

The workshop was organized for some selected Judges of the High Court in the Greater Accra Region to engage them in finding healthy ways in tackling FDA offenses.

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