Electing MMDCEs will reduce winner-take-all syndrome – Local Gov’t Minister

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Hajia Alima Mahama has stated categorically that electing Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCES) on partisan basis is likely to reduce winner-take-all syndrome in Ghana politics.

The sector Minister speaking at the sensitization workshop with MMDCEs and key stakeholders held in the Ashanti Regional Capital, Kumasi said a sitting president can have a number of MMDCES from the opposition parties which will help reduce the winner takes-all syndrome.

According to the sector Minister, security of tenure will be provided for the MMDCEs since once elected, they cannot be sacked by the President and they are also very certain to have in the minimum of four (4) year term just like Members of Parliament.

The sector Minister added that the process has therefore been initiated to bring about the necessary constitutional, legal, policy and institutional changes to ensure that MMDCEs were elected on partisan basis.

“Electing MMDCEs on partisan basis will facilitate development through the implementation of key MTDPs of MMDAs since elected MMDCEs would want to ensure development of the areas of their jurisdiction to fulfill their promises to retain position in the next local government election. An elected MMDCE would have the confidence and security of tenure necessary to insist on medium to long-term local development when this is sought to be sacrificed by the centre for short-term and parochial interests” the sector Minister said.

She added that electing MMDCEs will build consensus on how to deepen local democracy and good governance and create the platform for competent persons to stand for elections as MMDCE.

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