Zeal Environmental committed to enhancing face of Takoradi Port in waste management

Business News of Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Source: Eye on Port


Zeal EnvironmentGeneral Manager of Zeal Environmental, Wilfred Johnson

Zeal Environment says it is committed to enhancing the face of Takoradi port in waste management.

The partnership between Zeal Environmental and Takoradi Port is currently yielding great results, following an establishment of a Port reception facility at the Port of Takoradi to manage waste from vessels.

Zeal environment has been managing oil waste water in the Port of Takoradi in line with the Mappo convention where vessel are banned from dumping waste of any kind into the sea.

The Takoradi Port entered into agreement with Zeal Environmental Technologies to ensure that its marine environment is not polluted.

Having obtained the International Standardization Certification (ISO), Takoradi Port has a policy of zero tolerance for pollution from vessels calling its waters.

General Manager of Zeal Environmental, Wilfred Johnson said the facility allows oily sledged water to be taken from vessels that come to berth at the ports and discharged into a 32,000 litre pond where the waste is segmented into three parts; oil, water and solid.

“We skim the oil into the tanks and we use the oil to fire boilers system,” he said.

He said they also have a facility to crush empty canned containers, drinking cans, paint cans waste generated by sea going vessels.

“You can see milo tins, and so forth from vessels that come to the Takoradi Port. They segregate and we crush them further with the drums, and then the recycler companies will pick it and use as raw materials,” he said.

He said Zeal environment also has equipment that cleans tank at the tank farms in the Port of Takoradi through an automated means.

“You just fix the nozzles at the opening of the tank to do the washing with someone sitting here operating these nozzles. These cameras rotate 360 degrees so it would be wash the tanks like those at the Takoradi Port,” he said.

He further explained that zeal environment offers several services vessels that call the Takoradi Port in a bid to make the Port an environmental friendly place of doing business.

The Deputy Marketing and Public Affairs at the Port of Takoradi, Peter Amo-Bediako said not only is the Port of Takoradi interested in berthing vessels and facilitating trade.

“We are very conscious about the environment that is why, we have licensed Zeal Environmental to ensure that as we stimulate the economy of Ghana, and the landlocked countries of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger we do it consciously with the environment in mind,” he stated.

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