Oil tanker vessel splits into two at Tema Port anchorage

Business News of Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Source: Eye on Port


MT Alice divided into two halves at the Tema Port anchorage

An oil tanker vessel, MT Alice which is loaded with 1200 Metric-tons of Light crude oil has split at the Tema Port anchorage.

The vessel divided into two halves with the stern drifting towards fairway and the harbour entrance of the Tema Port whiles the bowl remained at the same location due to the weight of the anchor.

“Within hours, the ship split into two. The stern of the oil vessel drifted away from the bowl. But we were able to pull the stern out of the danger area where it won’t disturb other vessels,” the Port Security Manager. Lt. Col. Joseph Punamane said.

The Port Security Manager said the Bahamas registered oil tanker called the anchorage of the Tema Port on Saturday, 12th May, 2018 with 13 crew made up of 11 Nigerians and 2 Ghanaians.

Another vessel MT Colled Alice which was nearby, according to him aided in the prompt rescue of the crew without any casualties.

“The good news is that, a sister vessel was passing and it was able to rescue the crew,” he revealed.

The Tema Port Security Manager, Joseph Malik Punamane who confirmed the accident to Eye on Port said this is the first time such an accident has been recorded at the anchorage of the Tema Port or anywhere in the Ghanaian waters.

He said the prompt response by the GPHA Marine operations team and Tema Port security, averted an oil spillage at the anchorage.

“We are still working around to ensure that there are no much spillage of oil,” he averred.

The cause of the accident remains unknown but unconfirmed reports indicate that it could be due to poor maintenance of the vessel or overload.

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