‘I have to buy twice as much petrol’ – Taxi driver laments Kasoa-Mallam traffic

General News of Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Source: Myjoyonline.com


Mank 9Drivers on the Mallam road lament dense vehicular traffic as a result of a construction project

Commuters on the Kasoa-Mallam section of the N1 road are lamenting the unconventional traffic build up on the road, 23 days into the menace.

Drivers and other road users say the situation is having adverse effects on economic activity.

“We are always late to work. It takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes to ply this road on a normal day, but now we use more than two hours,” some of the drivers said.

A taxi driver, obviously frustrated complained about the amount of fuel he has to buy as a result of the traffic.

“I have to buy twice as much petrol because the traffic drains everything. We are really running a loss,” a commuter complained.

Some private car drivers told Joy News’ Nancy Emefa Dzradosi Wednesday that they set off from Kasoa around 5:30 am but as of 8:00 am they were still on the road.

The cause of this is the construction of a culvert around the McCarthy Hill section of the road, which is expected to alleviate flooding on that portion of the road and its surrounding communities.

When Joy News went to the location, none of the construction workers were available to speak to the team.

Gabriel Engmann, one of the engineers on the project, said that the traffic situation should return to normalcy by the weekend.

According to him, per their estimation, the scope of the project and the resources available should take an estimated 50 days to complete.

“The project is about 60% complete,” he told Roland Walker on the AM Show on the Joy News channel.

PR manager of the project, Quaranchie Adama-Tetteh said they have informed most transport companies and the public about the expected traffic.

“We went to Metro mass, STC and some radio stations and TV to educate the public on the traffic the project will create,” he said.

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