Gay lobbyists becoming too powerful in Ghana – Afenyo Markins

General News of Thursday, 24 May 2018



Alex Afenyo Markins, Member of Parliament for Effutu constituency, Central Region

Member of Parliament for Effutu in the Central Region, Alexander Afenyo Markins says people risk losing their jobs if they attempt to lead anti-gay crusade in Ghana.

According to the lawmaker, pro-gay activists are quietly maneuvering and advocating because they are powerful and that the society is not dealing with the issue.

Speaking to Accra based Okay FM Thursday, Alexander Afenyo Markins stated that the society is pretending to be dealing with the issue of gay whereas those who are supposed to be dealing with the issue are themselves not ready.

He said religious bodies and opinion leaders do not have the time to talk about anti-gay with the exception of the Speaker of Parliament who recently made his stance known to the general public.

“Religion frowns on Alcoholism, fornication and other social vices and constantly preaches against the consumption of alcohol as well as the practice of fornication. Why don’t we do the same when the issue of gay is raised? If the society is anti-gay, the society must manifest it”.

“Let those who don’t believe in the criminalization of gay begin the debate and let’s see if they can survive a week in their respective jobs. Let us not pretend that there is no Gay, I tell you there is a new era of the youth who are actively involved in same-sex relationships, let us not pretend.”, he said.

According to him, those who are in favor of Gay have become more powerful and influential over the years and are able to control those who are anti-Gay.

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