All set for biggest gathering of Manchester United fans

Sports News of Thursday, 24 May 2018



Red Family Time Out.jpegThe event promises to exciting

Hundreds of Manchester United fans in the country are expected to converge at the Lizzy’s Sports Complex this morning to engage in fun-packed activities.

The program dubbed “The Red Family Time Out” is a preserve of Manchester United fans in the country and will see patrons engage in various activities as they mark AU Day.

The event is aimed at strengthening the bond, unity and friendship among the Red Faithfuls in the country.

A member of the organizing committee, Samuel Anim disclosed that he is set for the event and that’s he’s confident the event will be a success

“All is set for the games to take off and I’m optimistic that everything will go well. We just want to create a platform for United Fans in the country to have fun, know each other and build relationships”, he said.

Patrons will engage in 5-aside soccer matches, track and field activities, video games and other exciting activities.

Manchester United finished second in last season, their highest since Sir Alex Ferguson left and fans are confident that they will wrestle the title from the “noisy” neighbors Manchester City next season.

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