THE FRESH PRINCE IS BACK!! Will Smith Drops New Rap Song & Twitter Goes Wild! WATCH

The Fresh Prince is back! Will Smith has finally dropped a rap track and fans are living for it. We’ve got video of him killing it in the studio.

Will Smith hasn’t put out an album since 2005, but he’s reminding everyone that he’s still got mad skills at dropping rhymes with a new song. The superstar has his own YouTube channel where he’s been letting fans in on everything that’s going on in his life, and on May 23 revealed that new music is on the way! The 49-year-old opened the video by explaining that, “At my peak I was doing a television show, a movie and an album every year. What happens is a point where you get empty,” revealing that his creativity had been zapped when it came to his music career.

“So I’m excited. I’m re-energized. I’m creating wildly like I used to,” he declared before heading into the studio where he proved that he hasn’t missed a beat since his days of “Getting Jiggy With It.” He’s ditched his PG rated rapping to declare how boss he is. “Its 20 years of swagger you just witness. Let me remind y’all who Will Smith is,” he starts before saying that while other rappers make it rain, “If I throw my money up I’ll prolly kill a stripper.” DAMN!!! He even raps about polygamy, saying he could become a Mormon so he could be “marryin’ Halle (Berry) and Rihanna.” He gives props to his own mad acting skills, rapping “I’m an anomoly, do drama or comedy, I could play Muhammed Ali or a white lady probably” and to his own work ethic with, “Y’all dinner table: ‘What y’all learn today?’ My dinner table: ‘What y’all earn today.’” He seemed to be freestyling in the studio and the song doesn’t have a title yet.



Fans went nuts that Will has still got it after all these years as the comments section for the video was flooded with praise for him. “Daaamn! the flow is sick! Will still knows how to rap! hands down,” one user wrote while another said “YES. This made me so happy and teary eyed! Big Will getting back in the rap game.” Another added “This is the hardest Will Smith bars ish since ‘Summertime.’ I’m highly impressed! He’s ripping on here!” while someone else commented “The wordplay, the flow, the delivery. Like where have you been all my life??”

Those fans were already following Will’s channel so they were the first to be in on the action. Over on Twitter he began trending and some fans got really scared when they saw it happen, only to find out he was back in the studio with new music “coming soon.” “I saw Will Smith trending and almost had a heart attack. It turns out he’s just going back to making music,” one person tweeted while others praised his bars. “Gotta Give Props To Will Smith. He Can Really Rap,” one person added. Hell yes he can!


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