Nayas 1 is a villager for attacking Ernest Opoku – Abeiku Santana

Entertainment of Tuesday, 15 May 2018



Abeiku Santana, Radio and Television Broadcast Journalist

According to him, it was useless and a waste of time for the actress to go after the ‘Onyame Nim’ singer with cane and said she could have find a way to solve the issue amicably.

He, however, said there are hundreds of women on the street who have been impregnated by men yet compote themselves.

“What that village lifestyle? Ernest Opoku has impregnated you and so what? There are a lot of women out there facing the same problem as you but keep it to themselves. Should they chase everyone than some of us would have got marks all over our body” He said

He further advised the general public that, being a ‘born – one’ doesn’t mean anything bad.

“Eugene here (referring to one of his work mates) is a proud born and has made it in life. Receiving all the awards…. “

Nayas broke into the studios of Kokolemle based, ADOM FM yesterday (Monday) in the course of their live worship programme with a cane hidden in her dress and started lashing Ernest Opoku.

This happened while the musician who was singing songs of worship live on the radio show. The stroke of the cane made him end the singing abruptly, disrupting the programme.

The drama attracted several onlookers to the forecourt of the station. Attempts by some of the people gathered to calm her proved unsuccessful until ace broadcaster, Amankwah Ampofo, finally convinced her to leave.

Few weeks ago, Nayas (real name Gladys Mensah Boaku) told the media Ernest had asked her to abort a three-month old pregnancy he was responsible for.

She recounted how she literally fed the gospel musician and gave him all he needed just for him to have ditched her because she is pregnant.

Ernest Opoku later confirmed the claims of the actress, but attributed it to the works of the devil.

“Mistakes are committed by human beings. I am not an angel. The Bible says the righteous shall fall seven times but God shall lift him up,” he said.

He therefore asked pastors and the general public to pray for him so he will be able to stand temptations that come his way.

“Pray for me so that God continues to lift me up. The fact that I have made a mistake does not mean the Lord has forsaken me,” he added.

Lastly, Ernest advised the public to beware of the devil because he destroys human beings.

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