Shatta Wale enjoys controversy, attention; that’s not my style – Samini

Entertainment of Thursday, 12 April 2018



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The ‘My Own’ singer Emmanuel Andrews Samini, known in Showbiz as Samini has applauded his fellow musician Shatta Wale for taking advantage of the fake controversies that he enjoys and creates to get the attention of the audience.

Though it seems to be working for Shatta Wale, he (Samini) does not see himself following such a trend, he allows his works to speak for him.

“When you try a fake controversy, when you tell a lie and the audience give you their ear, yours is to now give them the talent, what you are actually good at because now they are watching and listening. He enjoys controversy and attention……Everybody that knows me from 2001 to today knows that I am not that style, I would respond when it’s due, I don’t create unnecessary trends and want to ride over that. That is not how I get heard, so my thing is not a hype but then hype is good too so when an entertainer chooses the hype route, it’s what they choose, when you choose the let the actions speak louder route too that’s there”.

Reacting to claims from Shatta Wale that he (Samini) and his High-Grade Family were in charge of a dancehall competition organised for underground artistes to confer the ‘dancehall king’ title from the ghetto, he stated that the claims were false and had nothing to do with the panel on that day.

“The judges were not from High-Grade Family (HGF). I even heard a rumour that he said that I was part of the judges, No I wasn’t! So you see why I always say that certain people just lie blatantly and defend the lie” he said in an interview with Joy News.

Samini explained that he had a show at the conference centre on that he had a show at the Conference Centre at the time the results were announced at that particular event; he only left to congratulate ‘his boy’ after he was called and informed about the development.

“I was at the conference centre till he (Stonebwoy) won and then called us backstage saying he has won and I told him we will be there shortly. So I moved from backstage conference centre to Labadi beach in excitement that my boy had won the contest for the night” he said.

“I have nothing to do with how he won that day, indeed he did win that title and yes you put yourself in the position for that to happen. You could have even been a judge that day but you wanted the position so bad, that you had to go and contest and it didn’t happen for you. At the end of the day that did not determine your destiny. You pushed and pushed through that old controversial means and you came out and it worked.”

Shatta Wale has been challenging his Zylofon mate Stonebwoy for a lyrical battle to determine who the best Dancehall artiste is.

“Let’s host a show. One-on-one Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy… I am a freestyle artiste. You can’t stand me one on one. I am not like you people who write…” he posted on his Facebook timeline.

But in an interview with Joy News’ Mz Gee, Stonebwoy overruled that claims saying he is the most internationally known.

“Shatta Wale can never murder me, he’s never lyrically good like me and he knows that. I murdered him in 2010 at Labadi and won a motorbike. I sold that motorbike after some months, so he knows,” he said.

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