Knowing your identity is key to being relevant to society – Afenyi-Dadzie

General News of Thursday, 12 April 2018



Gifty Afenyi DadzieGifty Afenyi-Dadzie addressing a gatheirng at the inaugural meeting of the Intelligent Lady Series

A former member of the Council of State and arch media practitioner, Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie has stated that knowing one’s true identity is key to living a meaningful life where the individual can contribute to society and country.

She said this at the inaugural meeting of the Intelligent Lady Series, a monthly network meeting for professional ladies in business and leadership held at the Accra City Hotel over the weekend.

Speaking to young ladies from all professions and in various leadership roles, she brought to the fore some possible ways through which an individual could become informed about his or her identity.

Using her life experience as an example, she mentioned how important it was to be true to oneself in identifying weaknesses and strengths.

She stressed that knowing one’s identity meant one had to be strong in order to overcome his or her weakness such as anger, laziness, etc.

Mrs Afenyi-Dadzie further noted that acknowledging that every human being was created in God’s image reminds each person of being unique and special.

This knowledge she said enables individuals to step out in confidence to accomplish great things, challenge the status quo and show their uniqueness.

In answering questions on work, family and leadership roles posed by some participants, the national prayer director for AGLOW International advised called for effective juggling of work, family and social life in order to ensure a well-balanced life.

Explaining the rationale for The Intelligent Lady Series, the founder of The Intelligent Lady Magazine and Network, Princess Sekyere, stated that it was necessary to gather young and aspiring professionals in business and leadership to listen to older accomplished and successful women who have so much wisdom and rich experience to share.

She said “it is important we learn from their mistakes and build on their strengths as we aspire to be successful in every field”.

She encouraged young professionals to participate in the monthly meetings in order to learn real life lessons that will shape and improve their lives as well as challenge them to aspire for greatness.

Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie was honored with a citation plaque for her tremendous contribution to the media industry, advancement of women issues and service to the country.

The inaugural event was well attended with approximately hundred professional females, young leaders and tertiary students.

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